Asaye Dance Company shall maintain an appropriate dance attire environment. All dancers should use discretion in wearing proper dance attire that is appropriate. Leotards, dance tights, dance tights, dance pants, yoga pants, sweat pants, dance shoes, etc.

Young Girls: Black Leotard, pink or flesh tights, (Barefoot) For Ballet Class: Ballet slippers required. Hair up and out of face. Preferably in a Bun.

Young Boys: White shirt, black pants or shorts (Barefoot) 

Women: Yoga Pants, Leggings, tank top. (make sure it is breathable)  barefoot/ Heels (depends on class) Ballet Bootcamp- Preferred Ballet Slippers a Black bodysuit or leotard. 

Men: Comfortable loose fitting attire. Sneakers/barefoot (depending on class)

(Girls MUST have hair up and away from face)


Classes are  as scheduled:tuesday  Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and subject to change


MONDAY  - CLOSED _____________________________________________________________

TUESDAY -   Rythms of the World  (6:30pm-7:30pm)

                             Salsa Class  (7:30-8:30p)


WEDNESDAY - Teen Modern Funk  6:30pm-7:30pm

Adults Modern Funk 7:30pm-8:30pm __________________________________________________________________



FRIDAY - /Teen Jazz-  Hip Hop ( 6:30pm-7:30pm)

   Children's Jazz Class   (7:30-8:30pm)

Casual Contemporary Class  (8:30pm-9:30pm)


SATURDAY -   Ballet Fusion  (2:00pm-3:00pm)

                               Hip Hop (3:00pm-4:00pm)

 Children & Teen  Imagination Station Drama Class   (5:30pm-6:45pm)


SUNDAY-*Based on class demand, otherwise closed.*



Please call to schedule an appointment to register for classes with the Studio Manager prior to coming to register . Open Class registrtation occurs every week on Friday at 6:30-7:30pm. During this time the student will complete and submit studio forms and payment. Personnel will discuss classes and answer any questions that the student may have in additon to providing a start date and payment schedule. Please call #732-678-6800 to schedule an appointment.

Description of Classes :


Modern Funk- A fusion class of Ballet, Jazz, Soul and funk. Fast and slow paced, involves a lot of moving.

Hip Hop- A fast paced class that mixes soulful street and hip hop routines to the latest songs and classic hip hop songs. Students will learn the evolution of hip hop and how important it is in our culture.  

Jazz Street Fusion- This class offers a combination of classical Jazz styles mixed with both modern and Street. Students will learn flexibility, lines and character while taking this class. 

Creative Ballet- for younger students, this Fusion class  combines all fundamentals of ballet, jazz, music and creative expression.

Fundamental Fusion- a class designed for the older dancer who has taken an interest in dance. Student will learn core discplines that are rooted in Ballet and jazz and modern.

Rhythms of the World-  A fast paced class with live music and drumming provided by drumming expert Mr. Timothy Scott.  This class explores music and beats from all over the world with African and modern techniques fused with other tradional and folk dances.  

Sensual Seduction-  ( On demand) This class is for the dancer looking to tap into their sensuality when dancing. This class will explore movement adn isolation of muscles througout the body. This class is for the student that understands teh importance of expression through movement and storytelling.  

Divas Legends-(Class on Demand) a class designed for just Fun! listen and dance to the Legendary music of the divas we love. Prepare to "WERK" and unleash your inner Diva!

HEELS-  (Class on Demand)This class is designed for the dancer who wants to rise to the next level by dancing in Heels. Students will bring their heels to class and dance to fast paced choreography and strut.  

Casual Contemporary- A class rooted in the fundamentals of classic Ballet and Modern principles. Students will be expected to have ballet and modern experience.

IMAGINATION STATION DRAMA WORKSHOP- Learn to harness the power of your imagination, build confidence and explore the world of theatre

Muisical Theatre-  For the future star!  This class explores and reinforces acting, singing and dancing techniques and styles.  Learn techniques for both speaking and singing in character. Musical theater history and legends of the Broadway stage are also explored.

Classes are as scheduled but are subject to change, based on the needs of the students. Please keep checking the website for further updates and changes with the schedule.


In the event of a pending absence, Asaye Dance Company requires students and parents to contact the studio at a minimum of 2 hours prior to to start time of class. Office Manager will coordinate and schedule make up classes with the student.  




*Students have the choice of payment options and packages

ANNUAL -ONE TIME- REGISTRATION FEE $25.00 (non-refundable)

Monthly Tuition (4 Classes a month. 1 class per week) $55.00

Artistic Director and management will determine price if student wishes to attend more than 4 classes a month.

At the time of registration, student/parent of student must inidcate the length of time of classes. 

PROMOTION: Bring a friend who registers for a class, recieve $5.00 off your class. Bring two or more friends who register recieve $10.00 off your class.

Sibling registration: 2nd sibling recieves 10% off of class tuition

Register Today and recieve a free Tu-Tu!




 Asaye Wedding/Party Dance Lessons

A Wedding/Party Dance lesson is 1 hour in duration and costs $75. Lessons can be paid for as you go or you can book a packageof lessons where pre-payment is required. In either case, your first lesson will include a general discussion on music and dance styles suitable for your wedding, and/or an analysis of your chosen wedding dance music. We will show you the various dance styles that will suit your music and discuss these options with you. We will also discuss with you the size of your dance floor, the length of time you would like to be featured, the layout of the room or venue in relation to your entrance onto the dance floor, and all other relevant wedding dance details. Once all of that is discussed, we will start you on some basic steps to take home and practice in time for your next lesson.

 Wedding/Party Dance Packages :Lessons are available in packs of 4, 5 or 6 one hour lessons. 4 pack = $800, 5 pack = $1000.00,  6 pack = $1200.00 (all include music editing)Learning your Wedding Dance is accumulative, starting with the basic steps in your chosen dance and building to a complete and polished routine by your last lesson.It is important that you practice as a couple in between lessons to ensure you have a firm grasp on the basic technique and the routine.

Single or Extra Lessons : Of course, single or extra lessons are available after completion of a package and may be needed if you are not feeling quite ready. Perhaps you did not get to practice as much as you needed to, or perhaps your routine has become longer or more involved e.g. with the addition of another song into the mix. Single lessons after completion of a package are $70 each for 60mins or $40 for 30 mins.

 Group Lessons If extra people, other than the bridal couple, attend any lessons, there will be a $5 per person per lesson surcharge. Please discuss with us prior to booking

Music EditingIf you require music editing to alter your song to suit your wedding dance, or to your specific requirements, we charge a fee of $40 for single track editing, or $60 for multi-track editing. This includes converting and copying the file/s to a suitable format and medium for your reception.

Specialized Choreography: This would only apply if you want us to refer to audio/visual reference material (e.g. DVD's, youtube videos etc.) to choreograph your routine in our own time, not during your lessons.   This fee is a once-off fee of $75.This is usually the case if you want your routine to resemble another dance that you have seen elsewhere, and you need to learn the routine in a short time frame. Your teacher will then make sure that the routine is ready for you to learn at the start of each lesson. It does not apply if you are just bringing music or audio/visual media into your lesson, for use during the lesson.

*Prices effective from 1st Oct 2015*Wedding Dance Package prices are applicable to one couple only and do not include extra persons. Ask us for a quote if wanting to book a package for group lessons.

                      Wedding/Party Dance Packages

•4, 5 or 6 lesson packs

•Personalised choreography to suit your song

Music Editing

 4 pack = $800.00

5 pack = $1000.00

6 pack =$1200.00



If you are interested in renting out the studio privately., Please see inquire with Studio Manager for Rates and special Pricing . For Further Information please call #732-678-6800


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